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LIGHTEN (Organic Advanced Natural Lightening Face Oil)

LIGHTEN (Organic Advanced Natural Lightening Face Oil)

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For hyperpigmentation & dark spots

This powerful active blend contains safe, natural skin lightening agents combined with Naolys Inside Light Poet’s Narcissus® which is an innovative strain of plant cells from a legendary plant – poet’s narcissus.

Proven to prevent and reduce blemishes and lighten skin tone due to its action on different stages of melanogenesis.

Leaves skin looking smooth and radiant with Summer Snowflake Extract which regulates the production of melanin and slows down the ageing of your skin.

  • 1 bottle lasts 2-3 months
  • UK Tracked delivery
  • 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • 90%

    Experienced Lighter Complexion

  • 85%

    Experienced More Uniform Complexion

  • 85%

    Experienced Decreased Pigmentation Imperfections

Key Ingredients

Poet’s narcissus.png__PID:6b0f517d-1577-4fe1-9f16-f881f7ebafa2
Annatto Seed.png__PID:fa10dc5d-9fdf-4886-b754-54ece9ceab26
Tumeric Root.png__PID:10dc5d9f-df78-4637-9454-ece9ceab26e0
Holy Basil.png__PID:5d9fdf78-8637-4454-ace9-ceab26e0588b
Gotu Kola.png__PID:9fdf7886-3754-44ec-a9ce-ab26e0588b9f

How To Use

Gently massage for 2-3 minuets avoiding the eye area. Apply daily onto face or use as overnight treatment oil.

Tamaar Skincare is Free From

Animal Testing

Alcohol (denat.)

Parabens & SLS

Artificial fragrance (Parfum)

Harsh Preservatives


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