Giving Back

We are passionate about helping to create a healthier, greener world for future generations. We are driven to being a force of good across the industry through giving back to charities and initiatives we strongly believe in, and by abiding by the causes and beliefs we support.

One of these initiatives is B1G1. B1G1 is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. By supporting small to medium-sized enterprises to achieve more social impact through embedding these giving opportunities into their daily operations. Through working with B1G1 For every product Tamaar Skincare sells, a forest tree is planted to help support the environment.

All of our products are based on the power of natural ingredients, sustainably sourced from different corners of the world, carefully selected based on their highly beneficial properties and proven results.

We work very closely with our suppliers to develop cutting edge formulations – like our Climate Responsive Technology in our moisturisers and body lotions and our Active Plant Cell Technology in our new Facial Oils – that are presented in sustainable packaging, to reduce our carbon footprint.

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We believe in being transparent, and in trusting in the power of nature, this is the driving force behind Tamaar Skincare.

Tamaar Skincare is Free From

Animal Testing

Alcohol (denat.)

Parabens & SLS

Artificial fragrance (Parfum)

Harsh Preservatives